Thomas Alva Edison Biography, the Legendary Inventor of All Time

Thomas Alva Edison was one of the most famous inventors of all time. Some of the essential things invented by Edison are including motion picture camera, phonograph, and of course the light bulb.

For those who want to get to know this infamous inventor, his brief biography can be read down below. It shows everything you need to know about the genius inventor.

Early Life

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The inventor, nicknamed Al, was born in Ohio, US on February 11th 1847. He came from a large family, being the last child of 7 children in the house. His father was a businessman and his mother was a housewife.

Since very early age, Al was a troubled child. He had problem with his hearing, which was becoming an eventual deafness later in his life. The hearing problem caused him to had difficulties in daily life, especially at schools.


Al was enrolled to local school to be educated, just like young children at his age. However, with his problem of hearing, he had very difficult time in keeping up at school. As the result, Al was kicked out of school at early grade.

Thomas Alva Edison was then being homeschooled by his mother. She taught him mostly about science and math. Al was given numerous books to read. With the patience of his mother, Al grew up into someone with decent education and knowledge.


Generally speaking, there are more than 100 things invented by Al back in the days. Almost his entire inventions are changing the course of human life up to this day. His inventions influenced the world, even not so long after they were being invented.

Besides of the lightbulb and phonograph, Al also invented sound recording. He also introduced the method of using mass production principles. His inventions were believed to be the core of the advancement happening on research laboratory industry back then.

Personal Life

Thomas Alva Edison was married twice. He was first married to Mary Stilwell when he was just 16 years old. The couple has three children: Marion, Thomas Jr, and William. Mary died of brain tumor in 1884, leaving Al widowed.

Two years after his first wife’s death, Al got married for the second time to Mina Miller. They, too, had three children: Madeleine, Charles, and Theodor. They were happily married and they were married to the day Al died in 1931. Mina outlived Al for more than a decade, dying in 1947 herself.

Death and Legacy

Al suffered for complications at the end of his life. He died on October 18th 1931 at the age of 84. The cause of his death was believed to be severe diabetes and complications. He was buried behind his house in New Jersey.

To this day, the legacy of the inventor keeps living on from generation to generation. The story of how Thomas Alva Edison tried and failed up to 1,000 times during inventing the light bulb becomes a legendary story, inspiring young, aspiring inventors not to give up on what they are trying doing.



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